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Institute of
Ayurveda Science (AIAMS)


Our trained students can find employment as supervisors in ‘Panch Karma’ ( Ayurvedic massage) / health centres, as tutors in Ayurvedic institutes or do research, conduct workshops, seminars and retreats. Nowadays Ayurvedic treatments are gaining much more importance. The number of Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines are increasing and the medicines are getting popular even in other countries. Patients from all over the world are coming to India for Ayurvedic treatment. More and more ‘Pancha Karma Centres’ are coming up for serving the tourists especially foreigners. With the popularity of the system the demand for Ayurvedic experts are on the rise. In some of the states in India, it has been made mandatory to appoint at least one Ayurvedic therapist in every civil hospital. So Ayurveda has a bright scope in future.

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The Arya vaidya pharmacy (coimbatore )p>

Santhigiri Ashram Medical Service division Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital

Arsha Yoga Vidyapeetam Trust,Coimbatore

NagarjunaAyurvedic Centre ,kalady

AVN ArogyaAyurvedic Hospital ,Madurai

Classical Ayurveda Health & Wellness,Thrissur

Amritta Ayurveda Hospital ,Vallikkavu

KandamakulathyAyursoukhyam Hospital & Resort

Susrutha Institute of Ayurvedic Science and Panchakarma Hospital,Trivandram

Sri Sri Collage of Ayurvedic science & Research, Banglore

Sri jayendraSarawathi Ayurveda Collage & Hospital , Chennai

SKM siddha and Ayurveda Hospital , Erode

TriveniAyurvedic Nursing Home , Trivandrum