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Institute of
Ayurveda Science (AIAMS)

Ayurkshethra Institute of Ayurveda Science (AIAMS):Why Us?

Customized curriculam for curactive and wellness Ayurveda practices

Students with minimum 12thstd education

Special training in English Language and Etiquette

Training modules in Hospital Management,Marketting and Medicine Manufacturing

Faculty including 20Ayurveda Medicals Graduates,International Spa Trainers , Yoga and Naturopathy Graduates and Language Specialista

Practical sessions at hospital,Wellness Centres and Spa

Spacial training in handling tourists and patients from the West and the Middle East

Special batches for foreign national in Ayurveda and Spa Therapies

For Recruitment Enquiries,please reach us at:

+91 999 543 22 10 !+91 924 911 01 11