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Why Ayurkshethra

Ayurkshethra Group - A century old ayurvedic heritage establishment.

The Group asserts in ancient procedure therapy and hence retains its purity.

Ventures like Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Wellness Centres, Resorts, Mobile Clinic, etc.

Expert ayurvedic professionals selected from across India are appointed to lead the team the treatment.

Medicines are produced in our own units under stringent supervision and regulated quality checks.

Most of the raw materials for medicines are produced in own spawning herbal garden and some are procured from trusted clients only.

Therapies for rejuvenation, stroke, paralysis, stress, psychological conditions, sleeplessness, other neurological conditions, hair loss, beauty care, general healthcare, women's problems, etc.

Doctors specialized in their stream of study manage the concerned hospitals with traditionally trained para-medical staff and highly experienced and dedicated admin and support staff.


It is a measured consistency mix of herbal leaves and herbal powders are warmed in medication oil and bundled for application of warm wet coverings to the part of the body to relieve pain and inflammation. Kizhi gives great relief to the affected areas. It is especially suggested for patients joint pains, rheumatic arthritis, osteoasthritis, spondylosis, etc. Sports persons get great stress relief, enhances blood circulation, sports-related injuries, etc.
Dhara or Shirodhara is a process which is usually executed after full body massage. It has healing as well as relaxing properties. Dhara is slowly pouring of liquid over the forehead for a a period as advised by the ayurvedic professional. Depending upon the purpose of treatment the liquid is used. Oil, water, milk, buttermilk, or any other mix is used. Conditions like eye disease, neurological disorders, memory loss, types of skin diseases are treated with Dhara therapy.
Eyes, which are usually ignored proper care are applied with nourishment, the process is called Tharpanam under ayurveda therapy. It is an eye care treatment for people with degenerative issues and vision effects. Anybody can choose to undergo this therapy for rejuvenation of the eye. The person undergoing this therapy is advised to give complete rest to his eyes. Spicy and sour dishes are restricted and only warm water is permitted to drink.
Steam Bath / Swedana
Steam from the herbal decoction alleviates the body pain and relaxes the muscle. Before doing Swedana, oil is applied to the body gently. Steam helps to absorb the properties of the medicinal oil. Patients with conditions like osteoarthritis, sinusitis, asthma, chronic constipation, etc. are advised Swedana. The steam from measured herbal mix has amazing properties to flush out impurities, excess fat, improves digestion, reduces numbness, stiffness, rigidity, mobility, etc.
This therapy is advised especially for the patients with head injuries, insomnia, dryness of scalp, nose and mouth, deafness, spondylosis, facial paralysis and other diseases. The procedure involves a headcover on the head to sustain lightly heated medicated oil on the head for a certain period. The procedure has amazing healing and stress-relieving properties. Shirovasthi therapy prevents hair fall, greying of the hair, etc., as well as endurance to the scalp.