The treatment was very effective. Slept well in the night, Moreover, the staff members behavior was very good and consolable. I extend my wholehearted thanks for everything I got. Thank you so much for your kind and careful attention.


I came to know about this hospital from a website. The main reason for consultation was hair loss. Dr. Ajitha Rani is my consultant. Her suggestion was very effective. Thanks to doctor Ajitha, Dr. Meera, Dr. Rakhi for your suggestions with respect to Nasyam treatment. The staff who cares me in the personal of Nasyam treatment was so kindful and caring. So I would like to refer your service to anyone whoever in need of Ayurveda treatment and your cost of treatment is quite affordable for common man. Once again Thanks a lot. Have a good day.

Reshma Mohan

First of all, I thank Almighty who brought me here for the treatment for which I was suffering a lot, I enjoyed my 21 days stay here and the behavior of all staff members especially Anju. A special thank for her. I thank Dr. Shobha, Dr. Ragi & Dr. Meera who treated me well. Also thank Miss Molly, Ashwathy, and the boys. Thanks for everything and will be coming here again to meet all of you. I always remember you all in my daily prayers. God bless you all

Mary Abraham